Big Ben's Junk Removal :: Big Ben's Story
Big Ben's Junk Removal :: Big Ben's Story
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Four score and twenty years ago …

Okay, maybe the story of Big Ben’s Junk Removal isn’t as historic as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in 1863, but it is a heartwarming story of hard work, perseverance and well-deserved success!

In 2002, Ben Bergeron worked a full-time job but wanted to start and build a business to earn some extra income to help provide for his family. After working his full-time job, he’d work through evenings and weekends using his personal pick-up truck to haul garbage and remove junk.

As he began earning money, he reinvested all of his early profits back into his company to help it grow. He invested in a single bin and a roll-off truck, so he could complement his junk removal business with bin rentals. Over time he grew his inventory of bins, getting all types of different sizes to serve his customers better.

Today, Big Ben’s is managed by Ben’s children Jackie and David. The company boasts more than 80 bins and offers a full range of junk removal, demolition, bobcat rental and excavation services.


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